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As a Community Business member, you have access to a bespoke package of information, advice and support from the Plunkett Foundation, our advisers, and a network of trusted suppliers who understand the needs of community businesses. Working closely with members, we’ve been able to negotiate a wide range of goods and services at preferential terms and rates with suppliers, allowing our members to save valuable time and money.

We also actively encourage our members to help us develop our services to make sure we’re continuing to meet the needs of the sector. If you have any queries or ideas about your membership please email us

  • Book a free annual health check or contact our community business helpline for tailored support and advice for your business – email us
  • Find out about updating your Model Rules for free, to ensure you’re maintaining best practice and good governance – email us
  • Access discounts on training courses and register for free member events and webinars here
  • Access our trusted suppliers directory below
  • Contact your membership team if you have any questions and to find out how to get the best value from your membership – email us

Trusted supplier directory


David Cadwallader and Co Ltd aim to help community businesses keep track of the wide range of financial rules and regulations that they are subject to, and give help and reassurance to make sure the requirements are met. David Cadwallader and Co Ltd offer:

Year-end compliance

Community Business Members are offered a substantial saving on their annual year-end compliance, which typically costs in the region of £675-£1,275.

The rates are as follows:

  • From £435 plus VAT: a review of accounts and provision of an Independent Accountant’s Report for Community Benefit Societies, Co-operative Societies and Registered Societies (IPS pre-August 2014).
  • From £740 plus VAT: preparation of accounts for Companies Limited by Guarantee and Community Interest Companies.

To access this offer members are required to provide a trial balance, reconciled bank account, and supporting schedules for all major balance sheet and profit and loss account items.


Members are offered discounts on accountancy software, as well as help and advice, including:

  • A free initial phone call to discuss the most suitable accountancy software for new community businesses, or a free review of the accounting systems of trading community businesses
  • 20% discount off usual David Cadwallader and Co Ltd fees for additional IT services
  • Discount on Xero and Quickbooks Online monthly cost
  • A choice between online ‘cloud based’ package or desktop software


  • Assistance on setting up PAYE schemes for new community businesses, as well as information on technical updates and changes to the regulatory environment
  • 20% discount to members on standard fees for additional payroll support including running of monthly payroll and assistance with submissions to HMRC and pension providers
  • Discounts on software


The VAT and software services divisions of David Cadwallader and Co Ltd will work together to ensure that systems community businesses have for recording VAT are robust and adhere to all HM Revenue and Customs scrutiny.

David Cadwallader and Co Ltd can provide both technical literature and email support to members in all areas of VAT, including options to tax and VAT recovery on purchase of premises.

To access this deal:

Please contact Nicola Cadwallader directly on nicola@cadwalladerandco.com or 01869 222124.

Assured Advice Scheme

Plunkett community shop members are registered with ACS’s assured advice scheme and have access to their guides that provide accredited standards for in-store procedures, such as health and safety or underage sales. By accessing the ACS Assured Advice scheme and following their guidelines, the procedures in your shop will be respected by all local enforcement officers including Environmental Health and Trading Standards Officers. Our members can find out more about the Assured Advice Scheme here – https://www.acs.org.uk/assured-advice/.

The Association of Convenience Stores are one of Plunkett’s latest Supporter Members. ACS represent a network of over 35,000 local shops and they support their members through effective lobbying, comprehensive advice and innovative networking opportunities. Plunkett and ACS are aligned in their values in supporting rural retailers and this is an exciting collaboration between our two organisations that significantly enhances the level of support available to Plunkett’s network of member community shops.

How can you access the Assured Advice Scheme information?

You can also access advice on the website www.acs.org.uk/advice and you can contact julie.byers@acs.org.uk or call the ACS office on 01252 515001 with specific queries on the Assured Advice Scheme. If you would like to receive further ACS information by email, this will be available on an opt in basis. Again, you can opt out of the scheme at any time by emailing membership@plunkett.co.uk

Business Cover

The Retail Mutual provides an alternative to insurance for community shops, pubs and cafes in some of the UK’s most remote rural areas.

The unique thing about The Retail Mutual is that they are not an insurance company; they are a discretionary mutual, which means they can be more flexible in their approach. They offer the fundamental requirements you expect from insurance, such as offering support, security, peace of mind and financial protection.

‘When you take out business cover, you’re not just another customer; you become a Member of The Retail Mutual’s supportive independent business community. Your financial contribution supports other businesses needing to claim, in the same way their contribution helps you in your time of need; however unlike most insurance companies, your contribution will never go to shareholders who expect to see a profit.’

Plunkett Foundation members benefit from:

  • 10% discount
  • Adaptable cover for your community business
  • Home and residential landlord cover also available at discounted rates (10%)
  • A network of over 5,000 Members
  • A dedicated UK based call centre
  • Discretionary payments for non-valid claims
  • No interest charges
  • No admin, cancellation, or broker fees

For a free, no-obligation quote call 0333 2121 279, or visit www.theretailmutual.com/plunkett to find out more and see terms and conditions.

Energy, electricity and water

Ecotricity have been on a mission to change the way energy is made and used in Britain for over 20 years.  They introduced green energy back in 1996, when they became not just Britain’s, but the world’s, first green energy company. Ecotricity use the money from customers’ energy bills to build new sources of green energy, so customers are helping to fight climate change and making Britain greener every time they pay a bill.

Ecotricity answer why Community Business Members should switch to them:

Better for your business and the environment

Joining Britain’s greenest energy company is the easiest thing you can do to tackle climate change, and demonstrate your commitment to going green.

Flexibility for your business

We offer flexible tariffs to suit your needs, and provide collective billing to make managing your energy at multiple sites easy.

Working in partnership

We love working with our business customers to help them improve their energy efficiency and become greener, in everything they do.

Switching to green energy is easy. It only takes a few minutes to get an online quote, and we’ll take care of the rest.

‘Join the green revolution now – the more people who join us, the more we can do to build a greener Britain.’

Find out more: https://www.ecotricity.co.uk/

Utility Stream is a new market leading utilities consultancy based in Warwickshire offering a wide range of services. They believe that every business should have access to sustainable, simple and cheap utilities without the usual hassle. They have access to a broad range of suppliers ensuring that Plunkett members can be assured they are getting the best market prices available on Electricity, gas and even water!

Utility Stream will undertake a full market analysis for Plunkett Foundation’s members, and can provide a free, no obligation, energy market review (including a detailed analysis of current bills). They will evaluate all possible alternative utility tariffs, renewable or fully fixed. By offering free energy and water auditing to qualifying businesses, they can explore any hidden savings that can be made.

Utility Stream also promotes sustainability, and through working with some of the greenest suppliers in the UK who offer 100% renewable electricity and gas, they can help businesses be more energy efficient.

About the offer:

Up to £250.00 cashback for switching your water supply (terms and conditions apply)

A £75.00 donation to The Plunkett Foundation per supply switched through them


Your dedicated account manager:

Lewis Iggulden has nearly 10 years of experience within the utilities industry. He will provide immediate access and support with any utilities queries, switching advice and bill reviews.

Email: lewis@utility-stream.com

Telephone: 07753117029

Website: https://utility-stream.com/

The Energy Action Group (EAG) is providing a new way for UK charities and 3rd sector groups to cut energy costs and gain energy advice. Working in partnership with Touchstone Services, the Energy Action Group is providing a way for organisations of all sizes to:

  • Review energy bills
  • Work with an energy management company to gain competitive quotes
  • Join a bulk energy buying basket to reduce costs further
  • Discover ways of reducing energy consumption

All Plunkett Foundation members are welcome to join the scheme and get free, no obligation energy quotes. The Energy Buying Group has a proven track record over many years of providing exceptional pricing for its members; quotes which were otherwise unavailable to individual organisations.

Once a year Touchstone run a group energy buying basket in conjunction with other like-minded organisations with contracts starting at the same time. The principle is simple, but it relies on good buying relationships and well organised bulk tendering. Participation carries no additional cost and members are free to choose the offer that suits them best. You’ll find that group buying can really cut energy costs and provide additional cash-flow to help your organisation to save money and cut carbon emissions.

Joining the Energy Action Group is free of charge, and the group will manage all the negotiations in getting the best energy prices for you, leaving you free to run your business. To join the Energy Action group, all you need to do is complete a Letter of Authority and send it, along with a scanned copy of your latest energy bill to the Energy Action Group

Find out more:

Email: plunketteag@touchstoneservices.co.uk

Phone: 01256 976751

Website: Touchstone Services

Food, health & safety training

Envesca are offering a generous discount for our members on all aspects of Food Safety, First Aid, Fire Safety and Health and Safety Training, Consultancy and Support. Whether you are looking for a helping hand with your health and safety risk assessments, need a fire risk assessment to be undertaken or maybe need some food safety or first aid training, Envesca can help.

Envesca has over 23 years’ experience of providing award-winning training, consultancy and support to businesses of all sizes. During this time thousands of businesses have trusted them to train and support their teams.

Plunkett Members will receive a 25% Discount off Envesca’s standard fees, you simply need to quote your membership number when you make an enquiry.

To access this deal on Sue Ellis on:

Telephone:  01452 717901

Email: sue.ellis@envesca.co.uk

Website: www.envesca.co.uk


Choice Voting provides a safe and secure online voting platform, enabling you to continue to meet your voting obligations if you’re unable to conduct a face-to-face Annual General Meeting. The platform provides your voters with a simple and intuitive voting experience, ensuring your elections run efficiently. Your members can vote online, easily, and securely anywhere and on any device. Choice Voting offers a Pay as You go Service, with a generous free tier for your smaller elections. Cost is calculated based on the number of voters: free for up to 20 voters and just £35 ex VAT for up to 100 voters.


To find out more:

Contact Jason Hawkins, Managing Director on Plunkett members’ dedicated freephone number 0808 501 5350, or 01202 022217 or support@choicevoting.co.uk to find out more, or visit choicevoting.co.uk

Loan Providers

Charity Bank is the loans and savings bank owned by and committed to supporting the social sector. Since 2002, Charity Bank has made more than 1000 loans totalling over £290m to housing, education, social care, community and other social purpose organisations. Charity Bank aims to use its expertise, commitment, and flexible approach to lending to help charities and social enterprises get the support and funding they need.

To apply for a loan or a savings account, or to discuss your funding need, contact Charity Bank on 01732 441919.

Find out more: www.charitybank.org

Co-operative & Community Finance is the Lender for Social Purpose, and have been lending to ethical businesses since 1973. As long time partners of the Plunkett Foundation, they have acted as lending partner to the current More than a Pub Programme and the previous Village CORE scheme. They provide loan finance to a range of organisations and community businesses that are democratically owned controlled by their members. Over the years they have provided hundreds of loans to community businesses and co-operatives of all shapes and sizes, and have become a specialist lender to Community Shops, Pubs, Hubs and Community Food and Farming in particular.

CCF offer fair, supportive finance tailored to meet the needs of individual enterprises. Their rates are competitive and we never ask for personal guarantees, and their flexible finance offer ranges from £10,000 to £150,000 for a term typically between 2 – 20 years. They provide both secured and unsecured finance for a range of purposes, be that purchasing a property, refurbishment, buying equipment, refinancing or working capital. They also work with partners to offer community share investments and packages of mixed grant and loan investment are sometimes available.

Find out more: 




Tim Coomer, Business Development Manager

Email: tim@coopfinance.coop

Direct Dial: 07342 674673

As a building society owned by its members, Ecology is proud to support a wide-range of community-led organisations providing services that help to regenerate local economies. That’s why they’ve created a bespoke mortgage package with us; the community gain mortgage is designed to help:

  • New or existing community-owned shops that are members of the Plunkett Foundation or receiving their advice and support
  • Community-led groups wanting to buy new or existing shop premises
  • Those requiring funds to improve or expand a community-owned shop and who can provide mortgage

Please note that Ecology will also consider mortgage applications from other community co- operatives such as pubs, cafes and community centres, but these will be assessed and priced on a

case-by-case basis under the Society’s commercial lending criteria.

The key features of the mortgage include:

  • Repayment terms from 10 to 30 years
  • Available on a capital and interest repayment basis, with an initial interest-only period possible
  • Tiered interest rates linked to the level of equity raised
  • Lower interest rates for community shops that demonstrate 3 years’ successful trading accounts
  • New or emerging community shops with fewer than 3 years’ trading accounts can also benefit from Ecology’s ‘established’ shops interest rate reduction once 3 years’ successful trading has been achieved
  • All legal and valuation fees charged to the

To access this offer, there are some basic requirements that will need to be met for Ecology to consider lending:

  • Ecology require a minimum equity contribution towards the cost of your property of 20% (30% for new and emerging community-owned shops)
  • Ecology don’t necessarily require the premises to meet a high ecological standard to lend, although this is encouraged
  • Where works to the property are required or proposed, Ecology would need evidence that energy efficient measures and sustainable materials are used
  • Ecology require a first legal charge, so if your shop has existing secured borrowing, this would need to be transferred to Ecology and considered as part of your

For each successful mortgage completion, Ecology will make a donation to Plunkett Foundation to support their work and help establish even more community co-operatives.

To access this deal:

Contact Ecology Business Development Team directly on 0845 674 5566 or 01535 650 770 or email mortgages@ecology.co.uk with any questions.

Triodos Bank’s mission is to use money to develop a more sustainable economy. All the businesses and charities it finances actively work to benefit people and the environment. It supports a wide range of local initiatives, ranging from community-owned shops and pubs, to community supported agriculture and renewable energy projects developed and owned by local people.

Triodos Bank provides savings and investments for individuals and a full banking service for sustainable organisations, including current accounts, lending and corporate finance. It also publishes details of every organisation it lends to, so its customers can see how their money is working.

To find out more and access this deal:

Contact the Triodos team on 0800 328 2181 or visit www.triodos.co.uk

Registering as a Community Benefit Society

We recommend that communities adopt legal structures that enable genuine community ownership with equal and democratic control, and the majority of community co-operatives are registered as Community Benefit Societies (formerly known as an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community*). We’ve developed Model Rules for this legal structure and we’re able to register your business with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our members benefit from a discounted rate when registering as a Community Benefit Society using our Model Rules – members pay £310, compared with the non-discounted rate of £570. However, please do note that if you’d like to make any changes to the Model Rules that this will incur additional costs.

*During 2014 the Co-operative and Community Benefit Society Act came into force consolidating various pieces of legislation including the Industrial and Provident Society Act. If your community co-operative already has a registered society legal structure and Plunkett Foundation (or Virsa) was your sponsoring body, Plunkett members can update their Model Rules for free, ensuring you are legally compliant and enabling you to raise further funding through community (withdrawable) shares.

To access this deal:

Contact our Community Business Team at Plunkett Foundation on 01993 810730 or email info@plunkett.co.uk

Suppliers of Shop Fixtures, Fittings and Refrigeration

Mactra Shop Equipment & Fittings Ltd is a family run business based in the West Country that specialises in convenience and post office stores. Mactra have used their knowledge of the convenience store sector to create a ‘Village Store’ style, which blends the aesthetics of a village shop with the ease of their shelving systems. As a Post Office approved business, they can also provide advice on how and where to fit your post office into a shop.

Mactra offer consultations and quotes for community shops looking to make improvements and alterations in their current sites, as well as providing CAD drawings for new shops. Quotes can be provided for larger projects such as a whole shop fit or new shelving systems, or smaller updates such as changing ticket edging. Mactra suggest that the one of the key elements in a shop is the counter, so all of their counters are bespoke and made with the shop layout, staff, and customers in mind. All quotes for refits are made alongside a drawing to enable you to see exactly what it costs. They offer site consultation and project manage the whole refit process, including working with other parties like the Post Office, electricians and tradesmen, and a team of carpenters and shop fitters to install the approved designs.

Mactra offer Community Business Members up to 20% off supply only shelving.

Find out more: http://www.mactrashop.co.uk/

Telephone and Broadband

The Co-operative Business Telecoms are the UK’s only co-operative telecoms provider and one of the very few organisations in the telecoms sector to hold the Social Enterprise Mark. Owned by their customers and democratically structured, they are dedicated to making sure their customers get the best service at the best price. Members of Plunkett Foundation can get a great deal on all their communications needs:

  • Business line rental
  • Unlimited broadband
  • 500 landline minutes
  • 250 UK mobile minutes
  • Free wireless router

This is available for only £36 excluding VAT per month on a 12 month contract. Also available for

£35 without the router included (routers can be purchased separately for £36). You can also add the following extras:

  • Go unlimited on landline calls for an extra £2 per month
  • Upgrade to 1,000 mobile minutes for an extra £5 per month

Alternative packages are available on request. Members can also apply to the Social Enterprise Start-up and Expansion Fund that offers up to £250 to any new or expanding social enterprise, which any member of the Plunkett Foundation would qualify for if they are starting up or going through significant expansion. The £250 is given in the form of a credit against their telecoms services provided by The Co-operative Business Telecoms.

To access this deal:

Contact The Co-operative Business Telecoms team on 01608 434 070 for more information.

Business, Property and Valuation Advice

MJD Hughes Ltd is offering a 60% discount on report preparation, and a 50% discount on consultancy services. Whether you are a community group looking to buy and run your local pub and need a valuation, or a community shop looking for independent business and property advice, MJD Hughes Ltd will provide a free no-obligation initial telephone consultation with your community group. MJD Hughes is a RICS registered valuer.

Reports available from MJD Hughes Ltd include:

Business buyer and market appraisal valuation report – This report has been supplied to over 100 community groups looking to buy their local pub. The report provides valuation advice, and comments on the condition of the property and analyses business potential and profitability. Any liabilities for the community group are highlighted to allow discussion with a legal representative, and financial risks and mitigation are commented on in order to provide a document that can be used when preparing submissions for loans, grants, and other funding.

Business plan and cash flow analysis – A business plan will enable more accurate use of available funds and give a clear focus on development. Adding a cash flow analysis will help when looking to acquire funds for the purchase or development of a business.

Planning – An assessment of the viability of a property/feasibility of a community groups business case, and assistance in preparing a submission for planning where the owner of, for example, a public house has proposed change of use against the wishes of a community group and/or Asset of Community Value.

Inventory report – When a community is selling or buying a property or business, a full inventory should be produced to include any fixtures, fittings and effects. If these items are to be bought or sold, a valuation should accompany the inventory report.

Rent review report – It is advisable that a landlord should assess the rent on their property prior to initiating a rent review. A rent review report can provide the landlord or a tenant/lessee with all the information they require to successfully undertake rent review negotiations. MJD Hughes Ltd can also provide market rent only analysis for those wanting to take advantage of the Pub Code.

Commercial property inspection report – This report is invaluable for a community wanting to ensure that their tenant/lessee is maintaining the property in accordance with the terms of the agreement. This can be provided annually, at a regular period such as prior to rent reviews.

In addition to the above reports, MJD Hughes Ltd can also advise on all property and operational related areas. This may include:

  • Putting together a commercial lease
  • Recruiting a tenant
  • Business operational issues (e.g. optimising sales)
  • Bespoke business advice as required
  • Business rates appraisal

Consultancy support can be provided on an individual basis in addition to, or instead of, a business report. MJD Hughes Ltd consultancy rates are £150 per hour with a 50% discount for Plunkett Community Business Members

To access this deal:

Contact Mike Hughes

Telephone: 01904 215241

Mobile: 07960 117776

Email: info@mjdhughes.com

Web: www.mjdhughes.com

Ancora Law are property solicitors with extensive experience advising and assisting communities looking to purchase a property. They aim to provide personable legal advice, and seek to innovate in a world where legal help is often seen as formal, stuffy or even intimidating. Ancora Law are confident in their unique approach, and offer a customer service promise with every service offering. Your file will be managed by solicitors who are experienced and fully qualified, and who have worked for property owners with thousands of properties right down to first time buyers new to commercial property.

Ancora Law offer communities an exclusive free advice line on property legal matters connected to the purchase, future leasing and ongoing estate management issues. They have assisted many community groups in this way, with the ask that you instruct them with the legal work when the deal has been finalised.

To access this deal:

Telephone: 01482 426121

Email: hello@ancoralaw.co.uk

Web: www.ancoralaw.co.uk

Human Resources and Volunteer Management

ACAS is an independent public body that receives funding from the government. They provide free and impartial advice to employers, employees and their representatives on:

  • employment rights (eg. contract requirements, annual leave entitltements, pay)
  • best practice and policies (eg. fair disciplinary processes, absence policies, equality and diversity)
  • resolving workplace conflict (informally and formally)

When things go wrong, ACAS help to resolve workplace disputes between employers and employees.

To access advice from ACAS:

Plunkett Foundation members can access direct support from an ACAS adviser who understands the community business model – just email  membership@plunkett.co.uk and we will refer you.

Alternatively, visit www.acas.org.uk or call the confidential helpline on 0300 123 1100.

Three Rings is an online volunteer management system. It is essential to make it as easy as possible for your volunteers to give their time and energy to make your community co-operative a success. The Three Rings system is produced by a team of volunteers working for Three Rings CIC, a not-for- profit company.

They believe that great software doesn’t have to take money from a budget that could be better spent helping your enterprise achieve its goals, and therefore they are offering a special discounted rate for our members. Members will benefit from:

  • 25% discount on their standard software rates
  • A free trial for one full calendar month, plus the remaining days of the month in which your organisation’s account is activated
  • A helpful and knowledgeable team on hand to offer technical

The cost of the system for a community co-operative will be between £32 and £225 (these figures include the 25% discount) and the final cost will depend on your organisation’s annual turnover and the number of volunteers. A number of community co-operatives are already using the system and recommend Three Rings.

To access this deal:

Visit http://www.threerings.org.uk/ and contact support@threerings.org.uk to arrange a free trial of the system.

Promotion and Distribution

FishVan Ltd developed the new Plunkett and Plunkett Community websites

All FishVan clients come as referrals.

FishVan don’t just build the website a client wants, they build the website the client actually needs and for an appropriate and reasonable price.

Their objective is simple… create the best website possible for an agreed fair price, and provide exceptional service and support.

By achieving their objective their clients will recommend them to many more new clients.


  • Design and build of bespoke websites using WordPress CMS (Content Management System)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – All ‘On Page’ (OP is content which appears on pages of your website) SEO of main website pages
  • Sitemap creation and submission to search engines
  • Annual SSL Certificate (the padlock)

Site Hosting & Support:

  • Annual website hosting on ‘Dedicated’ Server (shared with a maximum of 15 FishVan websites)
  • Daily website and database backup (stored offsite)
  • Monthly WordPress security updates as required
  • Monthly Plugin updates as required (plugins are additional content we add to the site such as WooCommerce)
  • Monthly Theme updates as required
  • 24/7 WordPress Brute Force Protection & File Change Detection (extra security to detect attempts to hack or make changes to your site)
  • Amends to existing web pages as required. Creation of new pages based on existing pages and technologies used on those pages
  • ‘TeamViewer’ support allowing me to control your computers as required
  • Video tutorials for using the CMS, stored online

FishVan currently have over 150 websites in their hosting account. They are more than happy to provide a list of these and contact details for any of the clients should you wish to get further references.

“If you want to hear loads of waffle and jargon about design processes and thinking inside and out of boxes… then you might want to contact another web design company.

If you would like to pay extra for plush offices and lots of other staff… then you also need to go to other web companies.

Unlike most design companies, you can contact me any day, any time, and if I am not in a meeting I will actually answer the phone. I also respond to emails very quickly.”

Village Doorstep is a virtual village high street which brings together independent businesses. Their aim is to bring together local & and selected regional shops on a single, easy to use, online platform. By doing so, they hope to help uncover and showcase great products, support independent business and provide a great service right to your doorstep. By using Village Doorstep, customers are getting fantastic products and services whilst supporting independent business.

During the COVID 19 outbreak and the current lockdown their aim is to support everyone in the community, both customers and business. During this time they are not for profit and Village Doorstep does not make a charge to shopkeepers or customers. Plunkett Foundation members can sign up to be involved with the pilot.

Website: https://villagedoorstep.com/our-story/


Cotswold Fayre, certified B Corp and carbon neutral wholesaler, offer 2.5% discount on premium food and drink products to all Plunkett members. Representing more than 300 speciality food producers, their ambient and chilled brochures have plenty to tempt you. Visit www.cotswold-fayre.co.uk to view the full range of products, latest offers and industry news.

The friendly and efficient customer service team at Cotswold Fayre, can swiftly guide you through opening an account and introduce you to the experienced sales team. At which point, you will be partnered with a dedicated account manager, who is on hand to offer advice on buying, merchandising and in-store tastings to ensure you make the most of seasonal events and promotions.

Cotswold Fayre use business as a force for good to benefit both people and planet, constantly seeking ways in which to minimise the impact of the supply chain.

To access this deal:

Contact the team in the office on 03452 606060 or sales@cotswold-fayre.co.uk for more information.

Spaul and Sons is a wholesaler of stationery, hardware, haberdashery, household, personal care, confectionary products and more, and already supply a significant number of community co- operatives. They are a family-run business and have been trading for over 30 years and they pride themselves on their customer service. Spaul and Sons are keen to support community co- operatives, and Plunkett members

can now benefit from a 5% discount on orders. Also, with every order Spaul and Sons will contribute to Plunkett Foundation to support the advice service available for communities setting up and running a community co-operative. The benefits of Spaul and Sons include:

  • UK wide delivery
  • Carriage paid orders at only £65 plus VAT for mainland *
  • Split quantities to suit the customer
  • 30 days credit available
  • A wide range of products
  • Full colour catalogues and price lists and a website http://www.spaulswholesale.com/ for easy ordering

* Scottish Highlands and Islands would be dependent on weight and value but Spaul and Sons would endeavour to be as flexible as possible


To access this deal:

Visit http://www.spaulswholesale.com/ or contact sales@spaulswholesale.com or telephone 01603 721777.

Suma Wholefoods offer a supply deal exclusively for Plunkett Foundation members. In order to support community co-operatives to stock and sell more natural food products, Suma are offering a 10% discount on selected Suma branded products within their everyday grocery ranges. The offer also includes a 10% discount on Suma’s Divine Chocolate range.

To access this deal:

Please contact Suma’s New Business Team directly on 01422 313861, or by emailing newbusiness@suma.coop quoting your Plunkett membership number.

WBC offers our members a fantastic range of retail display materials, gift & wine packaging and bags for life.

With over 850 stock products WBC is now the UK and Ireland’s largest wholesale trade supplier of gift packaging. WBC is working closely with Plunkett Foundation to support community co- operatives and offers members an exclusive 5% discount on their purchases. So whether it’s your first time, second or 35th, WBC will always offer you new ideas and inspiration.

To access this deal:

Email sales@wbc.co.uk to receive your full benefits or visit WBC online on www.wbc.co.uk for special offers, tips and discounts. Please quote code PLKT5.

Chapman’s Seafoods, run by brothers Kevin and Paul Chapman, are based in the historic fishing port of Grimsby on the East Coast. They do not supply the large supermarkets, instead focusing on farm shops, village shops, and independents, with the option for Community Pub Members to benefit from larger catering packs.

Chapman’s specialise in high quality fish and seafood products, many of them handmade, including:

  • Famous Gourmet Fishcakes in 7 different flavours
  • Fish Wellingtons in puff pastry
  • Classic fish pie and bakes
  • Prawns
  • Scampi
  • Fish fingers
  • Scallops

All the products are frozen giving a minimum shelf life of 12 months, and deliveries are made in special insulated boxes with dry ice. Chapman’s  use overnight couriers to deliver, and deliveries are made on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays weekly. The minimum carriage paid order is 50 individual items across the range, with the option to mix and match.

As a special offer for all Community Business Members, Chapman’s will provide a taster pack of 25 units with free delivery (normally £10 for orders under 50 items).

To find out more: http://www.chapmans-seafoods.co.uk/

Tony’s Chocolonely are the chocolate makers on a serious mission to end slavery in the chocolate industry. With incredibly tasty chocolate, they lead by example to show the world that chocolate can be made differently: in taste, packaging and the way you do business with cocoa farmers. Their vision is 100% slave-free chocolate. Not just our chocolate, but all chocolate world-wide.

Tony’s Chocolonely are pleased to offer Plunkett members 10% discount and free delivery on their first order through Tony’s Choco Shop. Just set up your business account to access wholesale pricing and use code TONYS10 when you place your order.

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For POS or more information about Tony’s you can contact james@tonyschocolonely.com.

Data Protection and Compliance

Aeonian Projects help organisations with their data protection and data management obligations (Data Protection Act, GDPR, FOI, PECR etc.). They also help with business change; project development and management, governance, target operating model and much more.

With over eight years in data protection and over 20 years working with social enterprises / VCS organisations, they work with you to deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to your management issues.

Compliance solutions could include raising awareness and delivering training, reviewing policies and procedures, supporting your data protection lead through an appropriate retained support package, or providing a full Data Protection Officer service on an outsourced basis. They initially complete a basic data protection health check with you and take things from there, building solutions around your requirements and budget.

Business change work might include facilitating workshops to redesign processes for efficiency, designing project mobilisation, planning for funding bid submission or upskilling the Board / Trustees.

Aeonian Projects offer Plunkett Foundation members a free initial consultation worth £45.

Website: www.aeonianprojects.co.uk

Contact: sam@aeonianprojects.co.uk

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