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Previous winners

We wanted to share with you some stories from our previous winner’s so that you can take inspiration from their stories and see what made them stand out to the judges!

Barkers of Huby, York

After being owned and ran for 26 years by the Barker family, 420 residents in Huby and Sutton came together to form Huby & Sutton Community Shop Ltd which took over the village store and post office being rebranded as Barkers of Huby. The community shop is run by volunteers, the Post Office by paid staff and the business managed by a Management Committee of 9 volunteers, chaired by Denise Howard OBE.

Cwmni Cletwr, Machynlleth

Cwmni Cletwr is a community shop and café located in a remote, rural area which has lost many of its services. In the last 10 years, the community has lost the shop, post office, café, petrol station, school, church and a chapel. All that was left was a pub and a chapel. For young people, there was no future in the community. However, with the opening of the community shop in 2013, it has given the community a hub, somewhere local people can work and enjoy.