Membership is the cornerstone of our work and provides a mutually beneficial opportunity to solidify relationships between Plunkett and all those who support our values. This includes our funders, our partners, community businesses, our staff and advisers, through to individual members of the public. In addition to providing a regular income stream, Plunkett benefits from the knowledge and ideas that our members provide and the contacts they introduce. Having a membership base consisting of a body of people and organisations who support our values, also gives Plunkett credibility amongst our funders and sponsors. Likewise, members benefit from a range of support from receiving information, advice, networking and being part of a wider movement.

– Plunkett Strategy, 2018-2022, July 2018

We have been working hard to review our membership strategy and to provide a structure that has one membership strand with different rates and varying access to benefits and fees for different profiles. We feel the emphasis should be on the type of relationship rather than status of a member.

To that end we announced at the July AGM that there would be a simplified pricing structure to membership and it is detailed below:
Individual members £50 per year
Supporter Organisations £150 per year including VAT
Community owned groups £240 per year including VAT

We will also be moving to one renewal date for all individual and supporter members so if this applies to you please look out for more information when you renewal is due.