• 16th September, 2019 at 2:00pm

  • 16th September, 2019 at 3:00pm


Join Plunkett for our ONLINE session on ‘Holding your first AGM’. A lot of Societies ask for support with holding their first AGM and it’s a question that frequently pops up on our Facebook groups and through our advice line. As part of the support for rural community business, funded by The Prince’s Countryside Fund, Plunkett will be hosting a FREE interactive online session for community businesses.

Host and Plunkett Advisor, Nathan Brown*, will take you through the main issues you need to consider when planning your AGM and will open up a conversation to our ‘expert by experience’ panel, discussing the practicalities, the real life experience and top tips on how to make a first AGM successful. We’ll do this using an online video conferencing platform called Zoom which enables people to participate from a laptop, computer or phone.

Please sign up please visit our online booking page here.

*Nathan has been providing support to existing and new-start co-operatives and community enterprises since 1997. He has supported thousands of people involved in hundreds of organisations and also draws on his experience as a Member of several co-operatives including Co-op Culture and Co-operantics. He has been a Specialist Advisor for the Plunkett Foundation since 2015, supporting community woodlands with their governance, and community pubs with business planning, share offers and governance issues. He is a Licensed Community Shares Practitioner.

In order to attend the online training session, please ensure you have access to reliable internet with reasonable bandwidth. More information on signing in and joining the webinar will be provided after registration.

If you have any questions about this online session or support from Plunkett, please email aimee.evans@plunkett.co.uk

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