Who we are

Plunkett Foundation is a national charity that supports rural communities across the UK to tackle the issues they face through community business

Community businesses are enterprises that are owned and run democratically by members of the community, on behalf of the community. From shops and pubs to farms and woodlands and everything in between, the Plunkett Foundation’s small in-house team and network of advisers across the UK provide a helping hand to support groups from their first tentative steps, and continues to be there for them, year after year, as the business develops and grows.

To date, Plunkett Foundation has supported more than 600 community businesses to reach trading stage across the UK. In addition to developing and safeguarding valuable assets and services, these community businesses address a range of issues including isolation, loneliness, wellbeing, work and training

Plunkett’s role is to advocate and champion the concept of community business to ensure communities throughout the UK are aware of the model and its potential; feel empowered to take action themselves; and operate in a supportive environment. Plunkett provides practical advice, support and training to help communities establish and run successful community businesses with long term survival rates.