Our forward strategy covers a five-year period and seeks to build on and extend the previous work.

We are not proposing a major shift in whom we seek to help or what we do, but we aim to be more focussed and to target our resources and efforts more clearly and effectively.  We shall continue to focus on growing the rural community business sector; to encourage its development more widely; and to spread understanding and awareness, nationally and locally, of the important role it plays in supporting the well-being of rural communities and the potential it has to deliver benefits more widely.

  • Help more communities to develop and open new community businesses and to ensure those already trading have the support they need to thrive

  • Increase awareness of the relevance of the community business model and extend its accessibility and associated support in all rural parts of the UK

  • Extend the social impact community businesses have to all those living in the rural communities we support, especially to those vulnerable to poverty, health issues, isolation and loneliness

  • Create an enabling environment for community businesses in terms of the policy, funding and advisory landscape they work within

  • Improve Plunkett’s own sustainability to ensure it continues to address the needs identified

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