This webinar and the associated resource look at key considerations for community businesses to make when working with suppliers.

The webinar, hosted by Plunkett’s Community Business Manager, Alison Macklin, discusses how good suppliers are essential to a successful community business in terms of the quality of stock and potential profit. The webinar considers how to find new suppliers, choose stock, negotiate minimum orders, and also considers wholesale, delivery and buying groups.

Alison is joined by Nick Weir from The Open Food Network, a not-for-profit open source system that enables community shops to link with local and national suppliers and offer an online shopfront of these products to supplement direct shop sales. Nick gives examples of how this works in practice and explores how the Open Food Network has evolved to provide efficiency improvements to all levels of shop management.

The associated resource outlines the main points from the webinar, and acts as a practical guide for community businesses to use when making adjustments to the premises.

This free webinar was hosted by Plunkett Foundation on 16th October 2020, and was funded by Power to Change.