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Across the UK communities are coming together to save local services that would otherwise be lost. From shops, farms, woodlands and bakeries, to pubs, cafes, distilleries and much more, community owned businesses come in all different shapes and sizes.

At the heart of every community business is the community – the people who have a collective wish to save a service that enables social interaction and that offers work and training opportunities. A place that promotes positive wellbeing and encompasses community spirit.

Plunkett is a UK-wide charity that provides support and services to communities that enables them to take their dream of saving a business and turn it into a thriving enterprise that supports the local area.

Now more than ever, more communities are facing the closure of a much-needed local pub, shop or service, meaning a greater risk of isolation and loneliness, a loss of access to essential goods and diminishing opportunities for employment and volunteering.

With your help, Plunkett can ensure it remains on hand to support communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, helping more communities to tackle the issues they face through community ownership.

However you choose to support Plunkett – whether you hold a cake sale or you decide to jump out of a plane, thank you. We can’t do it without you.

If you’d like to discuss any part of your fundraising for Plunkett, get in touch on