Model Rules for a Community Benefit Society

Choosing your legal structure will have a significant impact on key areas, including payment of tax, control over the business and legal liability and often having a legal structure in place is integral to opening a bank account. It’s critical that you think about how you want to structure your business at an early stage in your start up.

When you are deciding your structure you need to consider a variety of factors, including:

  • How the organisation will be funded;
  • Whether any profits will be distributed;
  • Whether the organisation will be controlled by voting members;
  • Whether the organisation will be charitable

Plunkett offers a Model rules service for groups wishing to become a CBS (Community Benefit Society) where we guide you through the process of registration. A Community Benefit Society is regulated by and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. A community benefit society is an organisation which gives a broad membership equal stake and equal say in management, and operates for the benefit of the community.

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