Our story

Plunkett Foundation has been inspiring and empowering rural communities to overcome their challenges since 1919

Our role is simple; we are here to help you create a sustainable initiative that will make your community a better place to live. We call these initiatives community businesses.

Over the past century, Plunkett has enjoyed working with individuals and groups on a wide range of community businesses, including; pubs, shops, cafes, and lots more. Through this, we hear the challenges faced by rural communities and have developed a tried-and-tested model to best support groups in tackling these challenges.

Our support structure, known as The Plunkett Way, is designed to help you at every stage of setting up and running your community business. Here’s how we can support you:


Not everyone understands what community businesses are and how they can change a community for the better. Our role is to inspire individuals and groups to explore community businesses as a viable, long-term solution to tackle their community’s challenges. We do this through various forms of promotion, events and supporting literature.


One of the biggest hurdles groups face is starting the process of turning a good idea into a reality. We have a dedicated team in place to discuss your idea and identify the best ways of moving forwards. These conversations are beneficial for both sides as they give us a chance to learn more about what you’d like to achieve, and you a chance to get some top tips and advice.


Once a solid idea is in place we work closely with groups to create inspiring community businesses. Our team of specialists, based across the UK, will help with every aspect of your setup and can help you gain extra funding for specific support should you need it.


As your community business develops and grows, as does our support. We are on-hand to offer ongoing guidance and information, as well as a range of networking opportunities so you can talk with other community businesses and sector professionals.

Plunkett is recognised as the leading voice for community business support in the UK, with 500 active members running vibrant community businesses for the benefit of their whole community. Alongside this, we work closely with other organisations in the sector and government. We aim to give rural communities a national voice, championing their achievements and highlighting their needs. Our aim is to bring lasting, positive change to all rural areas in the UK.

With the right support anything is possible and we have seen many examples of communities coming together to achieve incredible things. Here are some examples of how community businesses have changed people’s lives:

Need some help?

If you are interested in learning more about community business, the support we have available and the work we do supporting rural communities across the UK, please do contact us and we will get back in touch very shortly.

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