Employee Volunteering

Volunteering with Plunkett is a great way to support a local community business whilst also seeing first hand the positive impact a community-owned enterprise makes to its local area.

We’ve put together an Employee Volunteering Programme that offers a range of volunteering opportunities across our network of community businesses that will offer practical hands-on and skilled experiences for you and your team.

Whether you’re looking for team building or individual colleague volunteering opportunities, we can work with your company to develop volunteering activities that suit the needs of your business.

As a UK-wide charity, we can support volunteering days that include activities such as:

  • helping with the renovations of a community-owned business, for example painting and decorating or laying wheelchair accessible pathways
  • clearing and tidying a community business garden or woodland
  • supporting the running of a community social activity
  • sharing company skills such as IT, marketing or web design

Benefits of volunteering with Plunkett

While volunteering will offer invaluable support to a local community, volunteering also brings many benefits to your business and colleagues, including:

  • increased colleague motivation and engagement
  • the opportunity to learn new skills
  • building stronger relationships within the communities that you operate
  • demonstrating that your company cares
  • increased brand awareness
  • promotional opportunities and positive press stories
  • greater understanding of community business and the benefits it brings

We ask for a small financial contribution to help cover our staff time required to arrange and facilitate corporate volunteering opportunities. This contribution will also help cover any costs incurred by the community business who is hosting the volunteering opportunity. 

If you’d like to find out more about how your company could volunteer with Plunkett or you’d like to discuss additional ways in which you’d like to support the work of Plunkett, please get in touch with us at nina.foskett@plunkett.co.uk

Are you a community business looking for volunteers?

If you have a project that could benefit from a team of volunteers from one of Plunkett’s partners, get in touch. Our Corporate Volunteering Programme is open to all community business members. Contact membership@plunkett.co.uk to find out more.