New Autumn & Winter Training Programme For Community Businesses 

From financing your community business and growing sales, to managing your customers and embracing change to make your business thrive. The Plunkett Foundation Training Hub offers a programme of events that develop your skills and knowledge and allow you to network with experts and other community businesses.

Our latest webinars and workshops, both online and in person, are completely FREE to attend thanks to programme sponsorship by Triodos Bank and Creventa. The webinars focus on Community Pubs, but principles apply to all community businesses, both new and existing, and all are welcome to attend. Each session will last 1 hour with the opportunity to ask questions of both trainer and other community-businesses.

The webinars are available to all community businesses at whatever stage of their journey.

For details of the full programme and to secure your place click here or on the Eventbrite links for each workshop below:

The logistics of financing your community business

Tuesday 12th October 10-11am

Ensure you are funding ready, Triodos Bank give their perspective on how to prepare for purchasing your asset and what Banks and Loan & Grant Funders need you to provide for the best chance of success. Find out more and secure your place here.

A pub’s financial journey

Tuesday 19th October 10-11am

Two thriving community pubs will present their financial plans and how they put them together. This interactive workshop will look at financial considerations and how it affected their decision making. Find out more and secure your place here.

Getting ready for the party season

Tuesday 2nd November 3-4pm

Maximise sales, minimise stress, ensure high levels of customer satisfaction and provide a Christmas venue they will want to use again? Find out more and secure your place here.

Managing guests and customer databases

Tuesday 9th November 3-4pm

What do you with your Customers details when they book or use your business? Why should we be collecting details, and what should we be doing with them once we have them? Find out more and secure your place here.

Ethics in community business

Tuesday 16th November 10-11am

Take a closer look at ethical decision making, sustainability and the environmental impact of your community business. Find out more and secure your place  here.

Growing sales with technology

Tuesday 7th December 3-4pm

How can your computerised till system help you increase your sales? We delve into how to use the data that is automatically generated to inform your stocking policy, pricing and how you can utilise this information best. Find out more and secure your place here.

Pubs of the future

Tuesday 11th January 3-4pm

What do you think the pub of the future will look like? This webinar will look at how pubs may need to change to thrive and the issues facing them. Find out more and secure your place here.

The financial responsibilities of a treasurer

Tuesday 25th January 3-4pm

Learn what a treasurer and/or bookkeeper needs to do from payroll to pensions, VAT and completing your annual return. Find out more and secure your place  here.

This FREE Autumn/Winter programme of webinars is sponsored by Triodos Bank and Creventa.

At Plunkett Foundation we’re committed to providing quality training sessions and webinars at affordable prices.

In the last 25 years we’ve supported over 700 community businesses to reach trading stage across the UK. We create bespoke training and resources that reflect the interests and concerns of all community businesses and our members covering a wide variety of subjects.

Individual or one-to-one courses can also be arranged at your organisation’s choice of venue or in our training room.

If you have any queries about the Training Hub or would like us to cover any particular aspect of running a community business please contact

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