Plunkett sublets surplus office space to enhance financial sustainability

Improvements by the Plunkett Foundation to our offices in Woodstock back in 2020 created a dedicated training space to house our then newly launched Training Hub. Separately, excess space in the building was repurposed so that it could be readily sublet to generate a useful new income stream for the Foundation. This was carried out in view of one of the Foundation’s strategic ambitions which is to continue to improve our financial sustainability and find ways of operating more efficiently.

We are therefore very pleased to welcome ACRE – Action with Communities in Rural England – as the new tenant to our offices in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. ACRE is a charity which supports rural communities and they will be sub-letting this office space from July 2021.

James Alcock, Plunkett’s Chief Executive, explains: “We’re pleased to be able to sub-let part of our office space to ACRE, a charity that we value and have partnered with many times. The new sub-lease agreement will make the most efficient use of our office space and provide us with additional income to help in delivering our vital work. Having ACRE located close by will also help in joint working between the organisations for instance on our advocacy work”.

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