Chris Cowcher, Head of Community Business, is changing roles at Plunkett Foundation

As you will have seen, we are recruiting a new Head of Community Business and I just wanted to let you know that this vacancy has not come about because I’m leaving…

After nearly 3 year’s leading the Community Business Team, a role that I have loved completely I will be changing my focus at Plunkett in the coming months. I have recently been appointed as our Head of Policy and Communications, a completely new post at the organisation and I am excited to play a key role in progressing our research and policy activities as part of the Information Hub we launched last year. Our intention of bringing communications in to the same team will also enable us to effectively connect our community businesses with our ongoing advocacy work. Plunkett understands the importance of representing the interests of the community businesses and projects we are proud to work with, sharing your good news and achievements to inspire others and raising the profile of the whole sector. I look forward to calling upon the direct insights and information that you have fed to us in the past, as well as putting in place methods for ongoing consultation. In many ways this is not a new area of work for Plunkett, however the coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need to make sure that your concerns, challenges and needs are shared with policy makers, funders and other strategic bodies in the sector. We look forward to working with you, to represent your interests across all four nations of the UK.

My role will not be changing in the immediate future, so for now it is business as usual. Further announcements will be shared once our new colleague is in post.

In the meantime, please continue to use the Plunkett Facebook groups to share your views and ideas for the sector, or connect with Plunkett or myself on Twitter. Alternatively you can also contact Gina, Liz or Joe or myself directly and we’ll be happy to help.
All the best,

Chris Cowcher

Head of Policy and Communications, The Plunkett Foundation

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