Plunkett’s Chief Executive, James Alcock, shares our new Rural Vision Film and explains how community businesses can, and will be, at the beating heart of a much needed recovery of our rural towns and villages.

The solutions to problems faced by rural communities can be found right at the heart of those communities. That is a lesson we learn every day at Plunkett, and it is the stirring theme of our new Rural Vision Film, which shows how community businesses can, and will be, at the beating heart of a much needed recovery of our rural towns and villages.

When you watch the film, you will see how technology has helped community business reach new customers and boosted local supply chains. You will see a community owned farm – which has long pioneered organic techniques– continuing to innovate with a strong green agenda, providing fresh produce to its local area. You’ll visit a community in Scotland that has taken ownership of their shop, a community centre and most recently their pub. You’ll see the inspirational ways that a community business in Wales is harnessing employment and volunteering opportunities to people of all ages, opening up new possibilities and truly changing lives. And you will see the community woodland which relies on teams of volunteers, enabling it to promote wildlife, environmental education and wellbeing.

These are just five of almost 700 community businesses across the UK which have been at the heart of the rural Covid response.

Today I am urging individuals, groups and organisations far and wide to look to the power of community business to drive forward a post-Covid rural recovery. The film, like our vision itself, identifies five key opportunities: re-localising supply chains, supporting people through employment and volunteering opportunities, harnessing new technology and the adopting environmentally progressive practices and policies.

These are the opportunities which we are urging individuals, communities, organisations as well as local and national government to grasp with both hands – whether through existing community businesses or by establishing and supporting new initiatives.

So when you watch our Rural Vision film or read our vision itself, let it be the first or next step in your own community business story and see how the community spirit in your own area rises to meet whatever challenges you face.  Plunkett will be here to support you every step of the way.

Be a part of our Rural Vision. Get in touch with Plunkett today at or by calling 01993 810730.