Strategy and annual accounts

Our vision and values:

Plunkett’s vision is for resilient, thriving and inclusive rural communities throughout the UK. To achieve this, we support people in rural areas to set up and run a wide range of businesses which are genuinely owned by local communities, whereby members have equal and democratic control.

Through our support for community businesses, we have a specific mission to create innovative, impactful and inclusive spaces. We achieve this by helping community businesses to:

1. Provide a wider range of services and amenities that communities value and need
2. Stimulate the local economy through localised supply chains
3. Boost opportunities for employment, training and volunteering
4. Benefit people who are most disadvantaged and excluded in today’s society
5. Offset climate change through delivery of environmentally sustainable initiatives
6. Harness digital technologies to enhance business performance
7. Promote equality, diversity and inclusion by creating safe and welcoming spaces for all

Our Values:

Inspiring: we raise awareness of the power of community businesses to drive positive change.
Accessible: we are approachable to all, and tailor our support and services to individual’s needs.
Dedicated: we are focused, putting the interests of communities first. Inclusive: we value equity and diversity and treat everyone with respect, honesty and integrity.
Collaborative: we achieve more when working closely with others.

Plunkett Foundation Strategy 2022 – 2026

Our 5 strategic objectives

We aim to help more community businesses to open and existing ones to thrive. By the end of 2026 we aim to have grown the sector by at least 20% to 750 rural community businesses.

We aim to build awareness of the community business model and our support for businesses UK-wide. We will target rural areas where community businesses are currently most under-represented, specifically Scotland, Northeast England and the Midlands.

By supporting community businesses we will help them to deliver enhanced social, economic and environmental benefits for their communities. We will support 30% of all existing community businesses to identify opportunities for greater impact.

We will nurture a supportive environment for community businesses to establish and thrive. We are committed to listen to and represent community businesses through policy, research, communications and campaigns.

To ensure our ability to help the wider rural community business movement to grow and thrive we will continue diversifying our income sources aiming to ‘break-even’ across the strategy period. Any financial surpluses will be re-invested in our mission.

Activities essential to achieving our five objectives

We have four areas of work that are essential to delivering our strategic objectives.

The Ambition: We will provide a first-class ‘universal’ service for community businesses throughout the UK – by which we mean having sufficient resources to meet the support needs of community businesses of all types as demand grows, at all stages of their journey from setting up to running and across all areas of the UK. As well as the important work of saving assets under threat, our service will focus resources on the creation or enhancement of innovative, impactful and inclusive spaces.

The Ambition: We will embed Plunkett membership at the heart of the organisation, creating a culture both internally and externally in which membership becomes a ‘must have’ for all community businesses and those who support them. Ultimately, we want to grow the Plunkett membership, and ensure all members feel aligned to a wider movement and have the opportunity to shape it.

The Ambition: We will grow our information, policy and communications output in order to inform the development of our services; better evidence and demonstrate the impact of rural community businesses; and reinforce our role as the voice for rural community businesses. In particular, our ambition is to raise the profile of rural community businesses generally, and reinforce wider activities taking place that builds a movement and unites those that the movement represents.

The Ambition: We will strive to enhance our existing approach to our regulatory, statutory and legislative responsibilities, strengthen our internal financial systems and controls, and invest in our people. Ultimately, we want to achieve greater resilience and sustainability so that we continue to attract talented and committed people who help ensure we support and represent a thriving rural community business network.

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