Plunkett Foundation adviser, Chris Buckham, introduces the basics of action planning and why it is necessary for community businesses. While one person’s action plan might fit on the back of an envelope, another group will present you with a series of embedded Microsoft Project documents linked to a variety of impressive online tools. Chris Buckham helps you establish what is right for your community business. Taking a pragmatic look at what is meant by action planning, the webinar explores an approach designed to deliver the outcomes you want, rather than simply setting up “box ticking” processes. Recognising the diverse cultures of community businesses, Chris seeks to avoid a “one size fits all” approach, and aim to equip you with an approach that allows you to plan effectively, and more importantly, to deliver outcomes to make your business more successful and sustainable.

This free webinar was hosted by Plunkett Foundation on 5th November 2020, and was funded by Power to Change as a More Than a Pub project.