Shaped by our members and other stakeholders, Plunkett’s Rural Vision looks to the future, outlining what communities across the UK will need to recover from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and what role Plunkett and community businesses might play to make this vision a reality. It emphasises that there is now an ideal opportunity to build the resilience of rural community, and address existing vulnerabilities in the system which were highlighted during the crisis, going beyond a ‘recovery’ and looking towards a broader ‘rural renaissance’.

Our vision for a stronger, more resilient future for rural communities focuses on five central opportunities:

  • Leading the way in the re-localisation of supply chains, including supply of local food
  • Unleashing the potential to boost employment and training opportunities

  • Enhancing business performance and customer retention through digital technologies

  • Refreshing and diversifying the volunteer network

  • Harnessing positive environmental impact through community business

Be a part of our Rural Vision. Get in touch with Plunkett today at or by calling 01993 630022.

“These are the opportunities which we are urging individuals, communities, organisations as well as local and national government to grasp with both hands – whether through existing community businesses or by establishing and supporting new initiatives.”

James Alcock, Chief Executive, Plunkett Foundation