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A guide to Plunkett Foundation model rules


Plunkett sponsors a set of Model Rules for the Community Benefit Society legal form. This webinar introduces why they are a good structure for a community business to use, and will explain the process and paperwork around them. The webinar is designed for those considering adopting the Plunkett Model Rules but may also be [...]

A guide to Plunkett Foundation model rules2021-01-08T10:30:19+00:00

Staff, contracts and disciplinary


This webinar, hosted by Jen Lobley from ACAS, introduces the legal requirements involved with staff contracts and disciplinaries. The webinar includes the difference between contracts and written statements, what you’re obliged to include, and what you’ll need to consider if you want to make changes to a contract. It will also cover the legal [...]

Staff, contracts and disciplinary2021-01-08T10:37:32+00:00

Mental health first aid


This webinar, hosted by Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) qualified practitioner Helen Straw, introduces what MHFA is and why it is needed with a volunteer workforce. Helen gives examples on what to do if someone approaches you in crisis, and how to support the welfare of the person within your organisation responsible for mental [...]

Mental health first aid2021-01-08T10:39:36+00:00

Equality, diversity and inclusion


This webinar, hosted by Jen Lobley from Acas, covers the basics of equality, diversity and inclusion. Jen talks through the main elements of the the Equality Act; from the protected characteristics to some detail around the different types of discrimination and what they might look like, including the potential risks of unconscious bias. Jen [...]

Equality, diversity and inclusion2021-01-08T10:42:27+00:00

Effective volunteer safety


Plunkett Foundation adviser, Charlotte Foster, introduces how community businesses can support volunteers to ensure that they are kept safe. The webinar discusses how to create a workplace culture where everyone feels safe and is safety conscious, how to identify and report unsafe behaviours or situations, and how to adapt your training to account for [...]

Effective volunteer safety2021-01-08T10:51:46+00:00

Developing an action plan for your community business


Plunkett Foundation adviser, Chris Buckham, introduces the basics of action planning and why it is necessary for community businesses. While one person’s action plan might fit on the back of an envelope, another group will present you with a series of embedded Microsoft Project documents linked to a variety of impressive online tools. Chris [...]

Developing an action plan for your community business2021-01-08T10:53:45+00:00

Two reports that show the power of community can fuel a rural recovery


Plunkett Foundation chief executive James Alcock introduces two new 'Better Forms of Business' 2020 Community Pubs and Community Shops Reports, and looks ahead to a rural recovery.

Two reports that show the power of community can fuel a rural recovery2020-11-26T09:46:37+00:00

Celebrating the efforts of volunteers during lockdown


Volunteers across the UK have been providing critical help to community businesses during lockdown. Plunkett Foundation share some stories to celebrate volunteer efforts as we go into the second week of Co-op Fortnight.

Celebrating the efforts of volunteers during lockdown2020-11-26T10:01:22+00:00
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